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The District’s Premier Co-working Space for Non-Profits


Community By NCRC:

Community by NCRC fosters the sharing of ideas and growth of nonprofits in our nation’s capital. National Community Reinvestment Coalition supports this mission through providing office space for small nonprofits to enact change, advocate their missions and realize their goals. Community by NCRC is a unique opportunity for nonprofits to build their foundations in the heart of the District and only one block from the White House.

A co-working environment built for nonprofits

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Community by NCRC is home to 740 Fifteenth’s high-end conference center. With options ranging from small conference rooms, to board rooms, to an auditorium perfect for hosting large events, 740 Fifteenth caters to a variety of conferencing needs. Named after distinguished leaders, including five US Presidents and NCRC’s president and chief executive officer John Taylor, the conference center brings together the brightest minds to engage in conversation that impacts communities across the nation. Hourly or daily access to the conference center is available for all tenants of 740 Fifteenth, including members of Community by NCRC.

740 Fifteenth Conference Center



Each office is fully furnished and includes daily cleaning services that keep Community clean for its members and guests.
High-speed Internet and Telephone
Community has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi available for use, and each office comes with its own telephone, giving members direct office phone lines.
Conference Center
Community suits a variety of conferencing needs, with different options based on size and audio-video capabilities.
Spacious, relaxing common areas
With a large pantry and comfortable lounge, Community is designed to help members connect and socialize in a relaxed setting.
Fitness Center
Community members receive free access to 740 Fifteenth’s fitness center and locker rooms.


Community by NCRC is located at 740 15th Street,
at the corner of 15th and H Streets Northwest

McPherson Square (Orange, Blue and Silver lines) & Metro Center (Red, Orange, Blue and Silver Lines)

Multiple parking garages within one block

Access to 15th Street bike lanes, a major thruway for cyclists in Northwest DC

Immediate access to 14th Street & Interstate 395, Pennsylvania Avenue, and K Street


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